Manchester United v Wigan

Fresh from their 3-0 thumping of Chelsea at the weekend, Manchester United will be looking to put even more pressure on Liverpool as they host Wigan in one of their crucial games-in-hand at Old Trafford this Wednesday evening. Although Sir Alex Ferguson’s men will be lifted by Sunday’s comprehensive win over one of their main title rivals, we believe that their manner of victory was more to do with Chelsea’s gutless performance and that Wigan will actually prove to be much tougher opponents.

Although unable to match United for overall quality, Wigan are full of confidence following five wins from their last six games and will come to Old Trafford with no fear or pressure. United old-boy Steve Bruce will know how to prepare his team for this match and will understand that they will have to play at their best to come away with the spoils, yet we reckon a 3-way selection for Wigan at 14-1 looks like a tremendous outside bet over at Jaxx Sports

It’s going to be tight whatever happens, with United favourites to edge it by a single goal.

Comment added:
Final score 1-0
Verdict: Wigan could easily have come away with a draw in this battling game.

Dolittle Bets Review

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Dolittle Bets Review

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