Although UFC is considered a sport by many people, it is not always listed by sports betting sites. Luckily, there are many great bookies that do feature the exciting UFC and MMA bets that are searched for by many people. These sites are everywhere around the world and the list of sites includes old, well known sites as well as newcomers into the betting industry that are making their mark.


Betting on UFC and MMA fights is exciting! The atmosphere of the match, the intensity of watching to see who will take the win, and sheer determination of each of the challengers as they fight their way to a hopeful victory.

Most commonly betting sites offer moneyline bets on the results of individual fights, but some sites offer a more exciting range of prop bets and parlay bets as well. The odds vary a lot between sites as each bookie seems to use different system for making their odds. You’ll find that some UFC and MMA betting sites will consistently offer the best odds over the other sites.

Sometimes if you’re looking for the best odds or bet suggestions you can find great tips about how to bet well on UFC and MMA fights at some odds checkers sites around the web. Always remember to trust your own gut over someone else’s if you’re not sure about the bets they are suggesting! After all, it is your money and your bets, they do not have as much to lose by suggesting as you do by betting.


  • BetOnline
  • Bovada (this site has a $250 free bonus for new account signups)
  • Topbet (early lines up to even 5 – 6 months ahead of time)
  • 5Dimes (straight bets and total UCS points bets)
  • MyBookie